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CB is the Answer

The dreams we all have about motorcycles. That’s been our pursuit over the years. And what we have achieved, is the history of the evolution of CB, a motorcycle that has always been alongside our customers. Performance, technology, and unrivalled reliability - this is where we’ve devoted every bit of passion and wisdom. We think that’s why CB evokes emotion and brings so much joy. The ambition and pride to meet the desire of riders are contained in this motorcycle. And we’re not going to stop. CB is the answer to your dreams.

H’ness CB350

The whole world knows the might and prowess of the brand CB. To carry forward this legendary legacy in India, the H’ness CB 350 is here, a majestic motorcycle which is a perfect blend of advanced new world features and the classic old-world charm.

350 2.jpeg

Spot-on to its title, the built quality & performance of the H’ness exudes dignity & honour in every sense. Its massive shaped design radiates true royalty and its evergreen style is a manifestation of Honda’s originality. The exhaust note of the H’ness CB350 produces a roaring thump that announces its arrival, even from far away. It comes with many first-in-segment features like Honda Smartphone Voice Control system(HSVCS). Honda Selectable Torque Control(HSTC), Real time mileage, Assist and slipper clutch etc. along with host of other features.

Its unmatched performance, advanced technology and unrivalled reliability makes it a perfect example of fine Japanese craftsmanship. The H’ness CB350 is more than just a motorcycle, it is an experience that should be had on breath taking terrains across India. So, let’s bring the red carpets out to welcome the newest majesty in town because Your Highness has arrived!

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